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Doeko High Tech Tooling
Stamping dies, molds and precision mechanics

We deliver the smartest solution for your production process


We are closed for Holidays from 25 December till 5 January 

Have your idea or product made

The prototype works! Everyone is enthusiastic. And now? Production. But how do you start? Doeko supports with designers & engineers to find the smartest solution for your production process. Based on a product drawing, sketch or prototype, we design the tools and needed equipment to produce the product.

From chip to artificial grass

Car lights, artificial grass, chips, flower pots, the lens of your smartphone. It is made with Doeko tools. We do that for all kinds of industries.


We have the worlds largest producers in the semiconductor industry as customers.


We have been participating since the beginning of this industry. We know everything about tooling for chips, transistors, sensors and printed circuit boards.


Multiple and thin-walled products, multi-component products or difficult shapes. We can make it all.


Tooling for smaller parts such as shock absorbers, seals and pumps. We deliver exactly on time and to the strict standards of the industry.


Not only tooling for parts of lighting and fixtures, but also components. We even produce complete design lighting for your home.


Products that meet the strict requirements of healthcare. Produced with unprecedented care and to the highest standards.

We simplify complexity

Through the years we’ve been pretty good at that, as we’ve making molds and dies since the 1960s. From that time we have solved many complex issues. This kind of experience cannot be matched with machines or systems.

Knowledge of plastics

Molds are often used for the manufacturing of plastic products. Doeko knows everything about plastic. We know exactly how the many types of plastic materials behave and what we need to do to get your product out of the mold perfectly.

Critical components with a wide variety

Doeko designs and manufactures high-tech components, modules and systems based on precision engineering and machining. We look at your complete production process with a helicopter view and then devise the optimal assemblies down to the smallest detail.

Visit Doeko

We would like to know what we can do for you. Come along! Then we talk about it and show you what Doeko has to offer.

Visiting address
Thomas van Heereveldstraat 1
6551 AK Weurt
VAT nr. NL0069 93 813 B 01
Business Register Nijmegen nr. 10016536
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Mortelweg 3b
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