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A tight team of professionals,
for more than a half century

Passion for complexity & accuracy

At Doeko everyone is very precise and most of them are freaks in the disciplines that concern us. There is no other way to say! We can't help it, because it has grown over the years. It explains why we like to create assemblies that are characterized by the combination of accuracy and complexity.

There where others stop

We will continue. We see the challenge in your wish. Everyone within the Doeko team is thinking about this so that it can be fulfilled without concessions. This often requires a considerable dose of perseverance, a little stubbornness and a rock-solid belief that it must be possible. Of course, it helps that we have the most modern techniques, which inspires our team to keep raising the bar.

Doeko High Tech Tooling
Stamping dies, molds and precision mechanics

From the 1960s

For more than a half century,  almost every day we have been devising solutions for optimizing production processes. We would like to show you a number of milestones in our history.


The first Van Doesburg generation literally and figuratively lays the foundation for Doeko on Weurtse soil. After the building is completed, the first sawing, drilling, milling, turning and grinding machines are installed. Van Doesburg starts making molds and later also progressive stamping dies.


Gertjan joins his father's company as a technical employee. Calculating with the slide rule has just passed him by, fortunately the electronic calculator was introduced.


The purchase of the first computer-controlled milling machine, where the used program was stored on a cassette tape.

1983 - 1985

Expansion of the building must make way for the new wire EDM machine that Gertjan will be programming and operating. Shortly afterwards, a warehouse is added. Doeko makes the first molds in the same period. Because of all these investments, father and son decide to set up Doeko as a BV of which they are both shareholders.


Doeko invests in the first machining center, a large milling machine with an automatic tool changer.


J.A. van Doesburg receives the steering wheel for his new motorboat to be built and is retiring. He hands over the ‘steering wheel ’of Doeko to his son Gertjan, who takes over the entire share package in 1989.


By means of programming with variables, Gertjan succeeds in designing a 3D shape with 2D software. He was ahead of his time.


The first international (Brazilian) order is a fact. A Letter of Credit will be issued to secure payment. Gertjan buys additional land because Doeko again has a lack of space due to her success.


The van Doesburg family is going to live next to the factory in Weurt. Gertjan and his team are working very hard to take the company one step further.


After two years of construction, the new business premises is ready. Doeko is existing for 35 years now and the first large order from Philips Semiconductors is received.


By the purchasing  of a Toyoda horizontal milling machine with pallet changer, the manufacturing processes go faster and production runs can take longer. Another big step forward.


With a new Fanuc injection molding machine, Doeko is also positioning itself in the plastics industry. They are embarking on a special project: the development of design lighting to a design by Raimond Puts.


Founding of OX-ID, a sister company specialized in the elaboration and development of innovative concepts. The company participates in 100% design and Architect@Work. A large area of land is bought from the back neighbors, which makes expansion possible for this new activity.

2008 - 2009

The financial crisis hits Doeko and a reorganization is inevitable. A number of employees are fired and the sale of the Raimond Puts lamp is transferred to Moooi.


In a short time after the all time low of the financial crisis, Gertjan quickly succeeded in putting his company on the map again. Because of these and other special achievements, he is elected entrepreneur of the year by the municipality of Beuningen.

2011 - 2014

Doeko again buys land from the back neighbors. This time to expand the existing building and make room for new machines.


The third generation is introduced. After his technical, business education and work experience at the Technical University of Eindhoven and ASML, son Bart van Doesburg starts in the family business.


Doeko's further growth will continue under the joint leadership of father and son. With a view to the future, Bart will be co-owner from this year.


Doeko develops its own automation concept under the leadership of Bart, whereby an AGV supplies the machines with material. It is also time for a party this year. Doeko exists 55 years and organizes the Doeko Event in October.

“We continue to focus on the activities that Doeko once started. Continuing with what you are good at. ”
Gertjan van Doesburg

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