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Progressive stamping dies
for steel, aluminium
plastics and paper

We simplify complexity

Through the years we’ve been pretty good at that, as we’ve making molds and dies since the 1960s. From that time we have solved many complex issues. This kind of experience cannot be matched with machines or systems.

Easy maintenance

A Doeko stamping die is not only very accurate, but the aftersales has also been carefully considered. We engineer the stamping die in such a way that is easy as possible to assemble and disassemble for maintenance. Also here we make it as easy as possible for you. The stamping die has a built-in memory on which, for example, all drawings, grinding schemes and the bill of material can be read out.

Which die for your product?

That depends on several factors. Sometimes an inlay stamping die is sufficient because you wish to start production on a small scale. On the other hand a progressive stamping die could be required because you are going for mass production. If you don’t know yourself, we will help you to make the right choice. Below you can briefly read about the different techniques and view examples of products that are made with Doeko stamping dies

Inlay stamping dies

Progressive stamping dies

Foil stamping dies

Progressive stamping dies

Mass production

Mass production often requires a progressive stamping die. A stamping die that forms the product in several successive operations. This can be done by cutting, pulling, embossing and bending. Thanks to our long experience with progressive stamping dies, we know how to run complex processes quickly, efficiently and accurately.

Inlay stamping die

Testing and subprocessing

An inlay stamping die is usually suitable for testing, subprocessing or for small-scale production. This stamping die performs one operation. Simpler and therefore more accessible to start production in small numbers.

Foil stamping die

Die-cutting of foil and paper

Thin materials such as foil and paper are die-cut with an extremely small cutting gap. The thinner the material, the smaller the cutting gap. So it also comes down to precision here. We also make foil stamping dies in the micron range. Which means almost no space between the nipple and insert. This will give you the best results for your product.

That's how Doeko does it
The exact steps we take for you

With craftsmanship alone you are not there yet. Control of the entire manufacturing process is essential for the perfect tool for you product. We are happy to explain to you how this process works.