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For plastic products

Knowledge of plastics

Molds are often used for the manufacturing of plastic products. Doeko knows everything about plastic. We know exactly how the many types of plastic materials behave and what we need to do to get your product out of the mold perfectly.

Which mold technology for your product

There are many factors which determines the choice of the mold technology. If you don't know yourself, we will help you to make the right choice. Below you can briefly read about the different techniques and view examples of products made with Doeko molds.



Injection molding


Foil plastically deformed

With thermoforming, a plastic foil is deformed to the mold by vacuum or blowing, or a combination of both.

Plastic packaging

Billions of butter tubs, coffee and drinking cups, flower pots and many more types of packaging have already been produced with our thermoforming molds. As a result, Doeko has a lot of knowledge about designing a plastic product. We often go back into the product design together with you to adjust it so that the product for example, can be stacked well and has the correct carrying capacity.

We are very good at this

Tilting molds are our specialty, this also involves a lot of precision. With this technique, the product is formed and cut in one stroke. Doeko in particular has specific knowledge of thermoforming molds for machines such as Bellaform, Illig, Kiefel and Gabler and extensive experience in the molding of PP, PS, PET, PVC, PE and associated additives.


Pressed through the shape

During extrusion, a material is pressed through the die.

Long products and low maintenance

With an extrusion die, the freedom in the length of a product is very big. This technique is extremely suitable for the production of yarn, tubes and profiles. Doeko designs the extrusion die in such a way that it pollutes and disrupts your production process as little as possible.  So that everything can run as long as possible and it saves you on maintenance costs.

We are very good at this

Doeko is very precise. For the production of artificial grass we make plates that consist of, for example, 240 cavities. We do this very accurately. Because if there is even one micron difference between the size of the cavities, this has a different effect on the artificial grass. For example, it can differ in color then. Besides of that, we can also make a good extrusion die a lot faster and cheaper than our colleagues in the industry. For you, this means a short time to market at the lowest costs.

Injection molding

Injected to the shape

In injection molding, a granulate is melted and injected into the mold.

Design freedom and complexity
Injection molding often offers the greatest freedom in the design of the shape and complexity of the product. For example, we made an overmolding mold for a so-called demonstrator. To do this, a carbon laminate filled with polyether ether ketone is heated and applied to the product between the mold.

We are very good at this

We apply our extensive experience with mechanics in the search for solutions for complex injection molded products. As for the power connector, shown below. This is applied in an energy-generating window. The resulting component converts solar energy into electricity. We can also test your injection mold in-house and then produce your product in small numbers. Doeko has two fully automated injection molding machines of 50 and 180 tons. Do you want to further automate the production process? Then we are happy to help you with our services in precision mechanics..

That's how Doeko does it
The exact steps we take for you

With craftsmanship alone you are not there yet. Control of the entire manufacturing process is essential for the perfect tool for you product. We are happy to explain to you how this process works.